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Monitoring effects of neurodegenerative biomarkers in subjects taking NR

The graphs presented here depict several key neurological markers over the course of a treatment period by taking "NR". The upper panel shows the changes in P-tau levels, a biomarker associated with Alzheimer's disease pathology. The middle panel examines Nfl, a measure of neurodegeneration. The lower panel provides the overall Alzheimer's disease (AD) score.

Examining the data, we can observe that after approximately 3 months of the treatment regimen, there appear to be reductions in both P-tau and Nfl levels compared to baseline. Specifically, P-tau shows a decrease around the 12/19 timepoint, while Nfl exhibits a decline around 11/19. These changes suggest the treatment may be having a beneficial impact on reducing hallmark pathological processes linked to cognitive decline.


Furthermore, the overall AD score, which integrates multiple clinical and functional assessments, also demonstrates an improvement around the 16/19 timepoint. This global measure indicates a lessening of Alzheimer's-related symptoms over the course of the treatment period.


Overall, the graphs suggest that the tested treatment may hold promise in modulating key neurobiological parameters associated with Alzheimer's disease and cognitive aging.


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