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"Preventive Medicine" and Cogniherbs

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is comprehensive and encompasses the vast wisdom of medical theories as well as practical and clinical experiences. More than 2,000 years ago, the treatise, Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic, established the concept of “treat before ill,” commonly referred to as “preventive medicine.” This concept emphasizes the importance of disease prevention and early treatment, which are two universal strategies used in modern healthcare.

"Disease Prevention and Early Treatment"

“Preventive Medicine” advocates ongoing, proactive control of health and disease. This concept focuses on overall functional rehabilitation and highlights the importance of preventing the occurrence, worsening, and recurrence of disease. Thus, dietary supplementation, acupuncture, and herbal bathing can be used together to effectively maintain health, treat or reduce the risk of disease, and ultimately improve quality of life.


The absence of symptoms does not necessary mean that the body is healthy. For example, abnormal protein accumulation and synaptic dysfunction can occur in the brain 20 years before a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Cogniherbs® follow the wisdom of the “Preventive Medicine” concept and aim to tackle the root cause of Alzheimer’s disease before symptoms appear.


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