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INFItech aims to translate more than 20 years of research efforts into nutritional foods that promote brain health

Cogniherbs leverages the clinical experiences in using traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and screening by cutting-edge neuroscience drug discovery platforms. Only the active extracts that exhibit functional activities in bioassays are selected for production. Cogniherbs™ are the optimized formulations of these active extracts along with micronutrients such as vitamin B based on rigorous bioactivity studies while following the theory of Chinese medicine.

"Cutting-edge Science and                                          Traditional Nutraceuticals"

The elderly population is growing rapidly. According to the World Health Organization, brain aging or degeneration in elderly people makes them unable to care for themselves, which places a heavy burden on their families. Over the past two decades, the research team at a local university in Hong Kong has focused on investigating early brain degeneration and synaptic dysfunction. The team is committed to using cutting-edge methods to screen and explore the active components from traditional Chinese herbal medicines that prevent or attenuate degenerative brain disease. Cogniherbs™ are a series of nutraceuticals comprising safe and top-quality anti-aging herbs. Cogniherbs™ can enhance synaptic function, promote neuronal signaling, and enhance learning and memory, providing choices for people who care about brain health. 

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